Jack Frost Tea

This tea will have you dreaming of winter even though we are in the last days of summer. I like how this simplistic tea if full of flavor and nutritional benefits! You can enjoy this blend any time of day since it is a tisane (herbal tea/infusion) containing no caffeine.

This is a  light and refreshing, giving you the pick me up you might need, yet can offer a calming effect as well. If you have a indigestion, a headache, nerves and so much more. You can had a touch of honey but I find Jack Frost to be naturally sweet enough on it’s own.

Jack Frost Tea

1/4 cup  dried peppermint leaves
1/4 cup dried spearmint leaves

Add all the herbs to a glass jar and shake until they are completely mixed. Use one teaspoon of tisane for a single serving (about 8 oz). Add your desired amount to a tea strainer or teapot. Cover with boiling water a let steep for at least 5 minutes or up to 10.

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