Sage for your sore throat

Garden Sage is a favourite herb in my home! Sage for your sore throat is a magical very effective healer.
That scratchy, little catch in the throat that often quickly becomes akin to razor~ sharp pain signalling the possible arrival of a new ‘invader’.
This is how I can tell I need help fast. With me, it’s almost always “the throat”. What is your signal? Maybe it’s congestion, or a headache or any of several possible symptoms.
It happens to most of us..   When a sore throat is present, reach for this simple life-changing herb!

Sage for your sore throat


 Sage (salvia officinalis), is that rather pungent green-gray leafy perennial which most often conjures up a memory of “turkey stuffing” or poultry seasoning of some sort.

Herbal remedies take many forms. In this case, it’s a tea or infusion or tisane. It’s all the same thing. Hot water causes the sage leaves to offer the gift of healing for your sore throat!

How to make a Sage Infusion:

I like to use Mason jars with lids fo keep the aromatic
healing steam from escaping.
Use a cup, mug or teapot.. Something with a lid is best.

Place 1-2 oz of Sage leaves (fresh or dried)
into a 1 litre Mason jar.
TIP: 8-10 sage leaves

Pour boiling water to cover and enough to fill the jar.

Place lid on the jar and let steep for 10 -15 minutes.

The resulting tea can be used as a gargle to ease scratchy or sore throats or as a soothing tea.
  Often, the pain will subside before the first cup has been finished!  Medicinally, this tea has been used for inflammations of the mouth, tonsils and throat because the mucous membranes are soothed by the volatile oils. The therapeutic dose is 3-4 cups of Sage tea per day, and definitely gargle or roll the warm tea around in your mouth allowing it to reach the back of your throat before swallowing.

If you’re a gardener, you may have sage on hand.  I have harvested it year round but do ensure that I snip leaves throughout the summer and autumn to ensure a good supply of dried sage leaves. If none available, in a pinch, pick up some at your local market or grocery.
Sage leaves are available online too, I’m sure.






There’s nothing wrong with hot lemon and honey alone or in a cup of hot tea.
Sometimes, it’s sliced or grated ginger root infused in a cup of boiled water is helpful.

Whichever way you choose to soothe your throat and ease possible cold symptoms, may you feel  better !

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