Tea Macaron Recipe

Matcha Green Tea Powder is one of my favourite flavourings to use in baking because the flavour is so stable and comes out true to taste across a variety of different baked goods. This is the case for macarons as well.

Matcha Green Tea has a slightly bitter flavour and a very fragrant nose. When paired with a sweet filling, it is the absolute best combo.

I’ve tried pairing this matcha shell with both a Chocolate Ganache and White Chocolate “Ganache”. The White one was the hands down winner because it did the best job in highlighting the distinct characteristics of the bitter matcha flavour. This will be the recipe that I will be sharing with you today.

Ingredients for the Shells:

– 65 grams – almond flour (click here for the tutorial on how to make your own almond flour)

– 65 grams – powdered sugar

– 45 grams – castor sugar (or a.k.a “berry” sugar or extra fine granulated sugar)

– 50 grams – AGED egg whites (app. 2 medium egg whites) Read this post on how to age your egg whites. NOTE: Do NOT use meringue powder

– 1/8 teaspoon cream of tartar or 1 teaspoon of lemon juice

– Green GEL Colour of your choice (DO NOT use liquid color)

– 1 tablespoon matcha powder


Ingredients for the Filling:

– chopped white chocolate 100 grams

– heavy cream 30 grams



 in the “Prep Work” section: sift the almond flour plus icing sugar as usual, then sift the matcha powder into the mixture, blend well with a spatula

then follow my best Best Macaron Recipe to ensure you use the right techniques to achieve macaron success

 start making the ganache once your shells have completely cooled off

 heat up the heavy cream in a small sauce pan on low heat, watch it so that it doesn’t over boil

 once it comes to a simmer, immediately pour it over the chopped white chocolate

 blend vigorously with a spatula until fully incorporated

 let it cool and firm up a bit before piping

 pipe a dallop of the the ganache in the center of the shell, assemble the other side

 enjoy! (and impress all your friends)

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